With their first album effort in 22 years, Slowdive made a triumphant comeback in 2017. The venerable Shoegaze veterans could quickly make a fall into the unnecessary nostalgia trip category, only coined for diehards. But the self-titled fourth album frequented most of the prominent Best Of lists of last year. The album sounds irresistible fresh and endlessly beautiful. With massive layers of atmospheric guitars and dreamy vocals painted over a large canvas of sound that hits you right in the heart.Although they existed on the side of the Britpop scene, the 90s-classic "Souvlaki" has given the band legendary status. Together with bands like My Bloody Valentine, Lush and Ride, Slowdive they represented the great moods through magnificent production focusing on hovering guitars and chanting melodies. The significance and influence of the band has grown over the years, and they continue to create music that has the rare ability to engage on a higher level. This may come to be one of the biggest spectacles to see at this years Bukta.

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