Sondre Justad


Sondre Justad is the pop prince of Norway. He also gets the great honour of headlining the last day on the main stage. There are not many Norwegian artists who are able to take the assignment to end a festival day. The task requires an artist who has both a composite catalogue of songs and the dissemination skills to create the unique atmosphere expected by a large festival audience. But this young and forward-looking artist is a live phenomenon and his huge bag of hits will guarantee a bombastic finale this summer at Bukta.The last time he visited Telegrafbukta, he opened the festival in 2016 - now he is doing Bukta again with new songs and a new album in his luggage. And there are great expectations for Justad's new releases - the first singles have already experienced great rotation on the radio airwaves and devoted considerable attention to the media and his fan base is expanding exponentially.Sondre Justad became the closest thing to an over-night-sensation when the first single went on radio in the summer of 2014. Since then, an ever-increasing audience has shown that the northern Norwegian artist hits and moves. Textually, we know Justad's voice as confident and direct. The debut album was at the top of Norwegian chats for over a year. Six out of ten tracks became big radio hits and over 40 million streams and more sold out tours later we prepare for Sondre Justad's new album release with great anticipation.

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