Skambank is fronted by Kaizers Orchestra guitarist Terje Winterstø Røthing. Skambankt is an uncompromising hard rock band from Jæren in Rogaland, with over 20 years of experience. The band has been on countless tours and released five critically acclaimed albums, all of which have ravaged Norway's official album list. The band's previous album «Sirene» (2014) went straight to the first place. In 2014, they won the Spotify Innovator Prize under the Norwegian Grammys. Now they are ready with their sixth album «Horisonten Brenner».Skambankt was started by chance in 1994 when another band could not make it. In a few hours the band members had written nine songs that were performed that very same evening. After that, it would take 10 years before their proper debut came out, their self-titled album from 2004. They have since toured relentlessly and has had a fast-growing fan. Skambankt is today considered one of Norway's biggest bands in the rock genre.They have visited Telegrafbukta before and we know that it does not pass in either silence or forgetfulness. Skambankt!

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