Sivert Høyem


Sivert Høyem is one of the most popular rock artists we have in the north. After having fronted the legendary Madrugada - one of Norway's best-known and most influential rock bands, Sivert Høyem has released six amazing solo albums and established himself as one of his generations absolute greatest voices and most important and significent artists.As ever, the Artist, with big A, moves through dark landscapes, but there is a warm light creeping in the shadows. Høyem has a voice that has to be regarded as one of the country's true natural resources, and he has a vocal sound and a phrasing ability that only a classic musician can possess. Throughout his career he has developed his distinctive and dark sound, his songwriting, stage presence and intense delivery has become his trademark. Famous songs like "Prisoner Of The Road", "Moon Landing", "Into The Sea" and the epic Madrugada classic "Majesty" radiates on the phenomenal concert recording from Acropolis, which shows an artist at the height of his career.It feels incredibly good to get Sivert Høyem back to Telegrafbukta.

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