Shame is one of the best and most exciting new rock bands that have come out of the British Isles for many years. In short time, the young band has taken the world by storm, and the debut album "Songs of Praise", released in January this year, has received raving reviews worldwide. They’ve made themselves known for their intense stage presence, and their aggressive attitude and hard-hitting post-punk has taken the band on extensive tours all over the world. With a shattering vocal, strong melodies and energetic performances, Shame appears irresistibly genuine and extremely important at a time when many proponents have depreciated guitar-based rock as a relevant form of expression. The combination of catchy tunes and political spells makes the band something as outstanding as a confirmation of rock's impetus. It sounds brilliantly simple, rude, fresh and authentic – and "Songs of Praise" will stand one of the most important albums of 2018. Being able to present Shame to this year's roster means a lot to us and we are looking forward to showcasing this fantastic band to the Bukta audience. It's simply a sensationally good band!

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Sivert Høyem