Franska Trion


What's up now? It's hard to describe, but easy to love and get a kick out of! Nothing in the world sounds like Franska Trion. This outstanding jazz blues rock-noir constellation from Gothenburg has gained an extreme cult status in Scandinavia through seven weird and wonderful albums and hundreds of legendary concerts, partly for their distinctive sound and in part for their explosive live performances. Vocalist, pianist and front figure Matti Ollikainen's theatrical voice and extreme stage presence is an experience in itself. Ollikainen piano game is nervously playful, easily accompanied by drums and double bass, and he sings with a soreness and desperation that is unmatched. The music is bright dark and gloomy, and the lyric correlates as it often deals with hell, heaven - and everything in between - it's about lost love, suffering, death, pain, anger and sin in a blender. Despite the fact that the band exists in its own galaxy, there are hints for Vreeswijk, Edwal, Sundström, Dylan and Waits - but credibly performed, with an irresistible freshness and distinctive character. This could soon be the summer's big surprise in the Bukta Bay.

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