Through five amazing full lengths and a bunch of glorious singles and EPs, Gluecifer ruled the Scandinavian hard rock wave from the mid 90's until their final performance in 2005. Together with bands like The Hellacopters and Turbonegro, they defined the very vital Scandirock scene that in many ways laid the foundations for a strong and distinctive culture of rock bands across Scandinavia. Gluecifer also contributed to the fact that rock became a major force in popular cultural in its homeland, and that rock as a form of expression dominated the concert and festival circuit. With Automatic Thrill from 2004, they masterfully set a preliminary career high and the band's monumental songs ruled both radio airwaves and charts. Today they are legends. One of the really big Norwegian bands!Gluecifer was first and foremost known as an outstanding live band, and for those lucky enough to experience them in their prime, they have made deep marks. A Gluecifer concert was always a great experience, and as the song catalogue grew, the band's position grew far beyond national boundaries. Gluecifer has inspired hundreds of bands and has through hundreds of legendary concerts established themselves as the Kings of Norwegian rock. Gluecifer has always had a very strong position in Tromsø and has since 1997 played on most of the city's stages. The only thing missing is a concert at the Bukta Festival. Finally, we get to balance the scales! Finally.

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