There may not be a punk rock band that has gone farther to establish a bad reputation than the Dwarves. By playing uncompromisingly on a raw and uncensored high-octane punk rock, Dwarves established themselves as an unpredictable and genre-defining cult band in the 80's and 90's. Their music and live shows were permeated by bad attitudes and destructiveness - and in many ways became a direct inspiration for Turbonegros death punk. The concerts of the Dwarves were often short-lived affairs and synonymous with scandals, which often involved self-harm, physical attack on the audience, or at least bad behaviour. With the album "Blood Guts & Pussy" in 1990, the band received recognition from critics, but the band's self-destructive side contributed to the Dwarves remaining in the underground. The band is still active and more dangerous than ever. Or as they themselves describe - notorious punkrocksleaze dealers with a taste of sex, drugs and casual violence. This sounds like a recipe for success in Telegrafbukta in the summer. And we’re looking forward to it!

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Franska Trion