Årabrot stands on the side of everything and everyone in Norwegian music with their unique combination of massive, hard and uncompromising noise rock. The band has released three fabulously bizarre and progressive albums. For the album "The Brother Seed" from 2009, they were nominated for the Norwegian Grammy in the metal class, and in 2009 they won the same class with the album "Solar Anus". For the album "The Gospel" they were nominated in 2016 in the rock album category. With great intensity and energy, Årabrot has proved for a number of years that they are one of the really big players in the noise and metal genre in Norway. The power trio has demonstrated that relentless touring and hard work pays off. The band has not only become insanely tight and interacted, they are also able to paint layer upon layer of different atmospheres. The band is known as a thrilling live band. The concerts are intense experiences, piercing and packed with adrenaline, madness and theatrics. At one moment they can scare the devil on flatland, next time they can induce reflection through lingering claustrophobic droning and sonic noise. From the hysterical and manic - to the dark, swaying and suggestive. In other words, it is one of the truly unique live bands available here.

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