Backstreet Girls


Backstreet Girls is one of Norwegian rock history's most legendary and mythical bands. The Oslo band was formed in 1984, has since released 13 studio albums, and toured relentlessly. Although the band has changed lineup, the foundation is still the same and the band has been true to the basic idea, and today they still deliver very catchy boogie rock – inspired by AC / DC, Ramones, Rose Tattoo, Hanoi Rocks and Status Quo.Backstreet Girls is a genuine act and perhaps Norway's most accomplished rock band, which has consistently maintained their expression for over 30 years. In the center is the outstanding guitarist Petter Baarli and lead singer Bjørn Müller who together convey a passion and intensity to rock music that is both admirable and inspiring. The balance between the visually engaging riff maestro and the decadent and stylish singer is an unbeatable combination that creates one of Norway's most distinctive expressions - never boring, always relevant. Few people are born to be true rock stars. Backstreet Girls is perhaps Norway's most accomplished rock band.For uninvited, the candid documentary "Backstreet Girls - Back to Muotathal" is recommended, which gives a very close and honest picture of one of Norway's hardest working rock'n'roll bands.

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