Swedens biggest rock star is Thåström, and we’re thrilled to witness him in Bukta this summer. With a track record from the legendary groups Ebba Grön and Imperiet, he has been on at his peak for four decades, and continues to develop his patented Europe Blues to the next level. With equal parts of beautiful poetry and lack of industrial textures, Thåström has established his solo career as his most exciting and creative era. Despite the fact that his qualitative musical recipe has been known for a long time, he continues to build his ever-expanding fan base in a way that only a real icon can. That he has been rewarded with several Swedish Grammys, and is hailed by critics far beyond Swedish borders, testifies to a true artist with a unique musical expression in Scandinavia. We can guarantee a show that is unparalleled in Scandinavia when the legend takes the stage in Telegrafbukta in July.

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