Metz is a formidable Canadian punk rock band with three amazing records under their belt. The band has been extremely well received by the music press and a growing world wide audience, gradually building itself to become one of the really big underground bands on the international punk scene. The Toronto trio is a wonderful rock-hard ball of rock genres, composed from equal parts of noise rock, punk, rock, hardcore, metal, no wave or any style that relentlessly can punish a pair of ear drums. The band is known for their extreme energy, with sharp guitars, hard riffs and raw vocals - alternating between noise and strained melodies, with clear nods to legendary groups like The Pixies, The Jesus Lizard, Public Image Ltd, Big Black and Dinosaur Jr. It is technical, harmonious and atonal - melodic and noisy - and elegant and brutal at the same time. The band is known as a premium live act, which creates enough sound and energy to make a noticeable impact on the Richter scale in Telegrafbukta. The band has traveled extensively in recent years - ranging from cellars and skate shops to clubs and festivals. The band has also shared stages with artists such as Mission of Burma, Death from Above 1979, Archers of Loaf, Mudhoney, Oneida, Constantines and NoMeansNo. The Shellac legend Steve Albini has also played part as a technician og their amazing last album "Strange Peace" from 2017. Yes, this will be great success!

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