Daddy Long Legs


Daddy Long Legs, Straight out of Brooklyn. The band, not the insect of course (it would have been a bit strange). If you are not a rock fan by now, this guys are gonna do it for you! With their high octane garage rock, raw blues, dirty roots and lo-fi punk, it's going to be a sweaty affair this summer. With obvious references to old blues heroes such as Son House and Howlin Wolf, rock legends such as Captain Beefheart and MC5 and recent bands like The Bonnevilles, Daniel Norgren and Jim Jones Revue, it can't get any better, can it? Daddy Long Legs shows with its latest singles that they continue to deliver quality and we bet the album (coming in May) is going to awesome. They have released three albums and toured with everything from Jon Spencer Blues Explotion, Sonics, Nick Waterhouse to Nikki Lane. Pretty good!

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