Black Debbath


For twenty years the humorists in Black Debbath have raised important issues that few others sing about, toned to great melodies and epic guitar riffs. This combination has made Black Debbath a unique flower in the hard rock flora. Last fall, they released their eighth record called Norsk Barsk Metal, which is a striking description of the genre. Rock rarely gets tougher than what this gang is capable of. It probably doesn't get funnier than this either, if you can stand the combination of humor and delicious rock.The last time they visited Bukta was in 2016 at Bukta for Everyone (Bukta for alle), where they ended up proposing to all the children's mothers. During their anniversary this year we get the pleasure of seeing them again on the main stage, but then at a more appropriate time of day.Friday night! Telegrafbukta main stage! Be there!

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