Bel Canto


One can easily say that Bel Canto is one of Norway's most colourful and ground-breaking pop jewels. They were also one of the first Norwegian bands that archived great success internationally, and is today one of the largest cultural exports we have created here in the north. Bel Canto is known for its magnificent pop music, composed of Anneli Drecker's distinctive voice on top of a unique arctic electronic soundtrack. After a long hiatus – they began performing again in 2017 and received great reviews for the concert at last years Øya Festival. In the summer they are on again at the stage in Telegrafbukta - where they will perform the legendary album "Shimmering, Warm & Bright" in its entirety.«Shimmering, Warm and Bright» was released in 1992 and drove Bel Canto forward in the international pop circuit. With great reviews and sales figures, the album became a big success and took Bel Canto worldwide. Especially in Europe, the United States and Japan, the band featured enormous interest and strong support for the band's concerts. For the album Shimmering, Warm & Bright, the won in the pop class at the Norwegian Grammy, and the album stands as one of the best pop albums made in Norway.

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