Bob Vylan

Thursday @ 20.45h


Bob Vylan

We bet a thousand bucks on that Bob Vylan will be this year's Bukta talking point. Because this really is a band that stands out. With an aggressive and melodic soundscape that crosses several genres, they have found a unique style that has been embraced by both the British punk and rap scene.

The four-year-old band started their own record label Ghost Theater to free themselves from the political game surrounding major labels, and their first album release has been praised to the skies by artists such as Iggy Pop and Jack Saunders on BBC Music. Their latest album Bob Vylan Presents The Price Of Life is the first time in history that an album produced, recorded, mixed and released on their own label by a band themselves has reached the UK top-20 album chart. The same album also won the award for best album at Kerrang! in 2022.

The band is not afraid to address controversial topics such as racism, homophobia and class division in their lyrics. The music is often a critique of what they see as an increasingly unfair society, and they themselves have been active in supporting social movements and protests, with a strong commitment to help create a fairer and more equal world.

The music sounds dangerous and intense, with live performances that are energetic and emotional. This will be a "must see" at Bukta. Guess we'll see you in the pit!

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