Vil du spille på Bukta?

We are announcing a gig opportunity at Bukta, inviting young artists aged 15-29 from Northern Norway to submit their demo.

The project is an evolution of the former concept Bukta Battle, where, among others, Heave Blood & Die, A Million Pineapples, and Lüt had the opportunity to perform on stage at Bukta. We're refining the concept a bit while giving more artists the chance to be considered for a gig.

The deadline to apply is Wednesday, March 20, at 23:00.

The lucky winner will receive:

  • A gig at Bukta Festival, Saturday, July 20
  • A gig at Bukta For Everyone, Saturday, July 20
  • Single recording at Kysten studio at Tvibit
  • A scholarship of NOK 20,000 from our partner Ishavskraft
  • Mentoring sessions tailored to the artist's development

We encourage both new artists and those who have been performing for a while to submit their demo, seeing this as an opportunity to develop as an artist.

The requirements to participate are:

  • You reside in Northern Norway
  • You are between 15-29 years old
  • You have a demo in the form of an audio file or video recording (please do not send files directly; instead, send links from YouTube, Soundcloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Spotify, etc.)

There are no other requirements. A jury composed of professional figures from the music industry in the north will select an artist or a band that gets the opportunity to be seen and heard by thousands of audience members.

To apply: Sign up via this link.

For questions or more information, send an email marked "Gig at Bukta" to

Everyone will receive a response by May 1, 2024.

The project is in collaboration with Ishavskraft and supported by Musikkontoret Nord, Tromsø Municipality through Leisure and Tvibit, Troms County Council, and the Cultural Council.

Photo: Brage Pedersen

Publisert 29.01.2024