Volunteering contract 2024

Thank you for signing up as a volunteer for Bukta 2024!

Please note that the signing of this contract does not automatically guarantee that you will become a volunteer at the Bukta festival. The contract is a part of your application. The volunteer coordinator at the Bukta festival will contact you after you submit the form, informing you if your application is granted or not.

By signing this contract, you agree to the terms and conditions listed below. It also means that you understand the responsibility and your rights as a volunteer at the Bukta festival. This contract is meant to secure predictability both for the volunteer and the festival. The contract is valid for Bukta – Tromsø Open Air Festival 2024, that takes place on July 19. – 20.

By signing the contract I accept the following conditions:

• I will show up for the shifts agreed on.

• I will show up for work sober and on time, wearing my "frivillig" card.

• I understand that I am representing the festival and I will act accordingly, so that I do not cause any damage to the festival’s reputation.

• I will make sure to inform the volunteer coordinator if I am prevented from showing up for my shift due to sickness etc.

• I understand that professional confidentiality applies to volunteers, and all statements about the festival will be given by the administration.

Bukta – Tromsø Open Air Festival – commits to the following:

• Free admission to the festival area during the festival.

• One hot meal per shift on duty, as well as assorted bread and snacks.

• Merchandise for the volunteers.

• You are insured while working at the festival.

Violations of the obligations is considered breach of contract and may result in confiscation of the festival wrist band, billing (in whole or in part) for the festival wrist band in addition to an invoice fee of NOK 200 and/or rejection of applications to be a volunteer at future festivals. In serious cases involving the police may be considered.

Following the new privacy policy, you also agree that Bukta can save your personal information and pictures of you in our systems for our own use, for as long as we need. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone else, and you may at any moment contact us to have access to the information we hold, or to have it deleted. You also accept that any photos of you taken during the festival can be used by the festival.

Updated: March 1st, 2024