The rock legends Motorpsycho are making a comeback to Bukta - but this time with a special show they've never performed live before: Motorpsycho will only play singles!

The Trondheim-based band has been a major influence on the Norwegian music scene for nearly 35 years and remains as influential and innovative as ever. The band explores the entire musical spectrum, from delicate harmonies to violent and wonderful chaos. Their discography is long and rich, and the band has manifested itself in many genres, constantly pushing the boundaries of what the listener can expect. Just like on their recordings, they always deliver engaging and unpredictable concerts of high quality.

When Motorpsycho takes the stage at Bukta, they promise a set exclusively consisting of singles from their impressive career. The audience can look forward to an evening with opportunities for both exuberant, freaky dancing and calm, romantic swaying. They will beautifully serve up both newer hits and nostalgic treats dating back to the 90s. This will be a celebratory night for multiple generations - both new and old Psychonauts!

Playing: Saturday, July 20th.

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